Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Canon XF200/XF205 free firmware reduces noise + adds live streaming

New firmware that improves the XF200s and XF205’s noise ratio in low light and enables live streaming of content over IP networks is being released by Canon. It is also claimed to enhance the camera’s standard of performance and recording modes.

The first firmware update, available now for the XF200 and XF205, enables a new image quality setting that should reduce noise in the picture, even in low light. Users can choose their preferred image quality based on their shooting requirements, selecting from the current default setting, which prioritises resolution, or a new setting that gives priority to reducing noise.

Live streaming

A further update, available late June 2015, will enable the XF200 and XF205 to stream video over IP networks. This will allow users to transfer live footage to news programmes and video-sharing websites. The new firmware will also allow it to work with Fujitsu video transmission equipment – the Fujitsu Network IP-900IID and IP-920D HD/SD Compact Video Decoders  – as well as software supporting IP streaming.

The firmware enabling IP streaming will support 1280x720 video at 29.97p and 25p (both at 9Mbps or 4Mbps) and 640x360 video at at 29.97p and 25p (at 1.5Mbps).

Enhanced functionality

Besides streaming, the new firmware will also enable two new recording features:

Firstly, when recording in MP4 format, users will be able to use slow and fast motion recording – slowing down action by up to 40%, or speed up video by up to 250%.

Secondly, when choosing WiFi settings on the XF205, the selection menu will offer an improved user interface, to make it more intuitive and easy to understand.