Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Atomos: Ninja comes clean on DSLRs - sharpens new Samurai Blade

Many users, particularly of DSLRs, might find the new lower price of the Atomos Ninja-2 (HDMI input) recorder appealing, as it can now take clean HDMI feeds from a lot more DSLRs, including the Canon 5D MkIII – thanks to a firmware update from Canon (Atomos also worked with Canon to develop start/stop trigger and timecode over HDMI).

The Ninja-2 now costs $695, and comes with a redesigned docking station, battery, AC mains adaptor, single battery charger and shims for Canon and Nikon batteries.

Atomos also launched the new Samurai Blade at NAB, with higher quality screen for monitoring, and reduced the price of the existing Samurai. For full details, and more Atomos NAB news, go to the main UrbanFoxTV technology blog.