Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Mini Hoods for C100, C300/C500 plus C100 raincover

Petrol Bags is launching new mini LCD hoods for Canon’s C100, C300 and C500 at NAB2013 (April 8-11 in Las Vegas), as well as a C100 raincover.

Petrol’s new Mini Hoods are purpose-built for the Canon EOS C100 (PA1018 – pictured top) and C300/C500 (PA1016 – pictured above) to shade the LCD monitor so you can more easily see them in strong sunlight.

Both are constructed of lightweight nylon, with rigid internal panels. Sturdy black nylon binding straps should secure the Mini Hood firmly in place.

It will also have a natty new raincover for the C100 (PR400 – pictured above).

For more on Petrol’s other new audio and camera bags, have a look at the New Petrol Bags for cameras + audio post on our other blog.