Monday, 18 July 2011

How low can you go?

Photo: Copyright © 2007, Alan D. Wilson
I know it is summer here but, spare a thought for cameraman (and intrepid adventurer) Phil Coates.

He's been shooting a  documentary on the 2011 Catlin Arctic Survey with temperatures down to -43 degrees Centigrade. In one video blog he did for the Canon website he mentions it is so cold his eyelids were starting to freeze up.

He's been using two Canon XF100 cameras and its smaller sidekick the XA10. According to Phil the cameras have performed without any problems. Although in his video blog he does admit to melting a bit of the XA10 as he tried to warm it up over a stove in his tent.

In fact, his kit list makes interesting reading - it includes:

24x BP-975 Battery Packs for the XF100s
12x BP-827 Battery Packs for the XA10
20x NB-7L Battery Packs for a Powershot G12

That is an awful lot of batteries. The trouble is - batteries don't last as long in the cold and anyway there aren't that many handy power points for recharging in a tent.

If you want to find out how well these cameras work in extreme cold there is more info from Phil on the Canon site.

If you want to know more about charging batteries in the cold, the battery university has some useful information.

I'm off to get nice hot cup of tea.