Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Utility Problem - Corrupt Preferences

Canon XF Utility
I've been using the Canon XF Utility to check what I have on my Compact Flash cards and it is a useful bit of software for saving a card's contents to a drive.

But, then one day a bit goes missing....

As  an XF305 owner  I am registered member of Canon Professional Services

So, I phoned them...

The XF utility should look like the screen grab below.

A complete XF Utility screen with Media Panel

In fact it looked like that for several weeks and then one day it didn't. The media panel, which should be there on the left hand side of the screen, disappeared. This means I don't have a list of CF cards attached to the Mac and I've lost the shortcut backup button too. 

Missing Media Panel 

I explained all this to the guy on the phone and he rang back in less than an hour and said all I needed to do was open the FINDER on my Mac....then go to the

>>>USER folder

>>> LIBRARY folder


then delete com.canon.XFUtility.plist

and finally empty the trash.

If you have a similar problem make sure you delete the correct preferences file. I have several bits of Canon software and they all have a preferences file. If you are unsure save the file somewhere safe so that you can reinstall it if you need to.

I opened up the XF Utility and now it works fine - everything is back where it should be. It has also created a new preferences file. So, I will have to redo any preferences I had previously set.