Monday, 8 September 2014

Canon firmware upgrades for 4K

Canon has announced several firmware upgrades for its EOS C500 and EOS C300 Digital Cinema Cameras, DP-V3010 4K reference display and Cinema Raw Development software, most of which will better integrate acquisition and management of 4K footage into every workflow situation (except the C300 of course, which doesn’t do 4K).

Principal amongst them is support for the recently defined ITU BT.2020 colour space for Ultra HD production. This will be most noticeable on the 30-inch DP-V3010 4K professional reference display. The BT.2020 input signals will be mapped to the native colour space of the DP-V3010 for output, to ensure that images are displayed with the widest possible colour gamut and the greatest possible accuracy. Of course, BT.2020 support starts with the camera, so the C500 will be able to create it too.